A few key dates

  • 2013

    Retraining Award
  • 2014

    Innovation award at CAMPO-OUEST
    Laureate of the Réseau Entreprendre
  • 2015

    Participation in the Inosport trade fair
    Communica Sport Award "Les Hommes Rouges"
  • 2016

    Mouv'roc® deployment as part of French Sentinel Operation
  • 2019

    National contract obtained with the Ministry of the Armed Forces as part of the Family Plan
  • 2020

    Moving to our new offices in Ecouflant
  • 2021

    MILIPOL exhibition
  • 2022

    Mouv'roc® awarded by UFA label test
    EUROSATORY and ATLANTICA exhibition test test

A word from Gomouv' founder

Expert in the physical fitness field for the French Armed Forces for 32 years, I share my knowledge and experience acquired in my career to optimize the free access of sport practice in the public space and in companies. I wish to raise awareness of all generations to the practice of physical activity to prevent various health problems and allow everyone to progress towards well-being at their own pace.

This has led me to design a wide range of open-air sports stations for every level, which are suitable for professional physical activity but also for your personal well-being. Our stations offer the possibility of using equipment designed for muscle strengthening and stretching, with or without additional load, in a single convivial place. Our equipment is ideal for cross-training or street-workout.

As the main supplier of the French armed forces, we equip units on national territory and foreign operation theatre. The French Navy has also chosen BOX PPO© to train its soldiers on board. Our demand for quality and compliance with the standards make our products robust structures designed to stand the test of time. We have surrounded ourselves with local partners who support us effectively in this process.

My team is at your service to assist you throughout your project

Christophe THELLIER - Founder & President